ALYSEN STARKO – BOWES Franklin MethodAlysen is the founder of Train Your Seat Equestrian Training.

Alysen grew up riding at her grandparents farm where she developed her love of horses.

Combining her 15 years of experience in working with equestrians, a rich background in dance and a deep love for fitness. As the founder of Train Your Seat, Alysen has carved a niche for herself by seamlessly integrating movement principles, embodied rider biomechanics, and innovative teaching methods.

Based in Alberta, Canada, Alysen has been an expert in “Your Horse Magazine” and a presenter at the FEI World Equestrian Games.

Her commitment to continuous learning and mastery of her craft is evident in the diverse range of mentors she has sought out.

Alysen is dedicated to making every lesson an enjoyable and enriching experience. She believes in the power of creativity and constantly seeks new, exciting ways to make learning fun for her riders.

For Alysen, the most rewarding aspect of teaching lies in witnessing the rapid progress that riders can achieve with their horses when the right imagery is employed. She understands the transformative impact that mental imagery can have on both rider and horse, and she takes pride in guiding her students towards these breakthrough moments.

She actively holds trainer certifications both online and across Canada, sharing her expertise and passion for imagery and embodied rider biomechanics.