What people are saying …

The workshop with Alysen … was eye opening.  Although I am a physiotherapist and have a knowledge of anatomy, I was made aware of so many ways to use that knowledge.  Not only did I realize how the information given to me at this workshop would change the way I practice yoga, but I started to see how it would change my life outside of yoga as well as how I practice physiotherapy and interact with my patients. There were so many “ah-ha!” moments that after the workshop I had to sit in my car and jot down all of the realizations that occurred so I didn’t forget them. …  I have a new awareness to deepen my practice and positively affect all aspects of my life.



Inspiring students through their passion and understanding of the body in its yoga practice, bring light to the anatomy of the breath in this amazing workshop. Through clear instruction and inquiry, the breath is explored and enhanced, resulting in a strong, cleansing yoga practice and offering many benefits far beyond the mat.


Yoga Teacher