When trouble arrises in the body, there was some sort of disfunction along the way, and that disfunction developed into a pattern. The pattern strengthens and then one fine day you have a problem.

“What was it today that I did to injure my back?”. Chances are, it wasn’t what you did today that caused the problem. It was what you had done repetitively for years leading up to that day.

So what do you do about it? Most likely, you might go to various experts who will diagnose you and treat you for an injury. This at times is completely necessary.

But, if  you need to keep going back for treatment after treatment, it’s not fixing the root of the problem. It’s keeping you in a cycle.

What you really need to look at, is what you’re doing in your daily life. What your habits and patterns are. The real patterning to your body is what you’re doing for the remaining 23 hours of your day after you leave the clinic or the studio.

Think about it… do you really want to keep going back to all of these different experts to try to fix your problem for you? What if there was a way that you could do it yourself?

You can make positive changes in your body by learning it’s proper function and natural design. In the Franklin Method, not only will you learn about the body’s design, but you’ll have an embodiment of it. This is the key – the embodiment (the physical experience). The nervous system will have a  much easier time recreating something that it has already experienced.

In much of what we do, you’ll be able to notice a difference right away. After repetition and reinforcement the difference will turn into lasting change.