As a movement educator I know that the body can either be working for you or against you. It can feel and look amazing with optimal health, or be causing pain, discomfort and disease. This is in big part of years of training and patterning.

In every moment, you’re telling your body what you want it to and it’s responding! But a lot of this what you’re telling it is subconscious. It’s all on autopilot within your patterns. Patterns are efficient and use the least amount of energy to run. The body will always strive for the most efficient solution.

It doesn’t matter if that pattern is a good one or a bad one. Your body will just revert back to what it’s always done. So if something happens because of that pattern like pain or an injury, you need to get to the root of the problem to make a change.

In order for change to be lasting, the brain and nervous system must be altered into a new way of being. In running a completely new pattern. When the new pattern is introduced, it must be strengthened and repeated until it becomes automatic. Giving the system a new map to run off of.

There’s a systematic way to do this.

Quick fixes that don’t actually shift these deep rooted patterns will just keep you stuck within the same cycle of treatment but never actually changing.

In our sessions together, we’ll bring to light exactly what your patterns are. We’ll finally shift you out of that cycle so problems and pain won’t keep coming back.

As you improve your movement patterns, every activity you use your body in will also improve. You’ll have better performance, coordination, more strength, increased flexibility and far less risk of injury.

It’s possible for you to feel amazing, experience health and love moving your body.